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A Hint of Romance

by Universal Interiors

A Hint of Romance

Over the previous couple of years, we have explored colours in our blogs with regards to interior design, their history and what atmosphere they may produce in your home.

This month, with the words ‘Valentine’s Day’ on many lips, we figured that pink would be an excellent colour to examine.

This tint of red is in fact named after the flower itself, dianthus plumerias, known to most as the common pink. The colour itself is often associated with femininity, romance, sensitivity, and childhood and innocence. During the Renaissance, pink was viewed as a symbol of marriage and its popularity increased as pastel colours became a trend.

By the 19th century, it became a popular colour to actually dress boys in as it was regarded as the younger version of the colour red. Red was considered a masculine colour and in England, this was the chosen colour for men’s uniforms. In Western culture, the colour green is associated with Springtime but in Japan, it is pink, due to the blooming of the cherry blossom in great multitude at the beginning of every year.

Therefore, if pink is a colour you have been considering in your next interior design product, know it is not just for girls, or boys for that matter! Pink can offer a gentle feel to your home or remind us of that first and very much welcomed fresh brightness and new life of Spring.

Above is a very subtle example, with simple highlights of roses on our sliding door panels.