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Bedroom Makeover Tips

by Universal Interiors

Bedroom Makeover Tips

Following on from our last blog, we continue to share some tips and tricks on how to redesign your home. This week we are exploring larger purchases that can be made to breathe life back into your rooms.

Lighting - LED truly is the way forward when it comes to bulbs, they are energy efficient and offer overall great illumination. Changing your ceiling, wall, table or floor lampshades can be a quick way to alter the character of a room. A subtle highlight can also come from changing out your light switches.

Paint - Light and soft colours are good options for smaller rooms. Sometimes simply repainting the walls in a room without changing anything else (provided the colour choice harmonises with the furnishings) can redefine the atmosphere of a room. If a solid colour is too bold for you, aim for a monotone look. White is often a safe option to tone down those brave shades.

Mirrors - Mirrors can add a great sense of space and light. When placed across from windows you can really make the most of natural light. Highly decorative mirrors are good for filling empty walls.

Wallpaper - Choosing a bold pattern of wallpaper can omit the need for much wall art and help fill in those dead spaces that are too awkward or narrow to hang anything on.

Rugs and throws - Add colour and texture to hard floors and furniture with rugs and throws. Decorative and functional, they can provide warmth and comfort during winter months. Change them throughout the year to match each season and alter the style of your room subtly.

Furniture - Choosing tall furniture, bookcases, display cabinets etc, can make your ceilings look higher. Opting for white furniture can also make a room look larger.

Mix and match - Classic and contemporary, copper and steel, faux fur and hardwood - do not be afraid to to combine opposites or what may seem to be contrasting elements.

This week we have included our Surrey design in alabaster - this made to measure design finishes just before the ceiling, making the walls appear taller. The room itself also looks larger with the furnishings being white.