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Black is Back

by Universal Interiors

Black is Back

Continuing on from our previous blog, we are exploring further trends in the world of interior design for 2019.

Galactic - Not just for the little aspiring space ranger in your life. This is yet another trend that has travelled across fashion and homeware. For the more adventurous and unconventional, this quirky range takes your home to a whole new world.

Eco - Thanks to the ever growing presence of social media, we have a heightened awareness of the carbon footprint we are leaving behind and the alarming rate of waste we are producing. It should not have come as any surprise to us that we witnessed an increase in the likes of biodegradable straws in bars and restaurants, sustainable vinyl in lieu of leather and recycled materials in the fashion and interior industry. With the recent horror of the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest burned in our minds, you can buy with confidence from us knowing we only support the supply of sustainable wood.

Black - Black is back, offering a bold depth to your rooms. Black furnishings with metallic highlights can be visually striking in any room. Pair up black with white walls and a mix of black and white furnishings to bring balance to your pallet. To magnify that dazzling look, we have used a gloss on these slick glass sliding doors.