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Create a Relaxing Sanctuary

by Universal Interiors

Create a Relaxing Sanctuary

We continue this month with our tips on keeping your home a happy sanctuary for you to keep your mental health in check.

Light - Lighting is not simply practical, it can also influence your mood. Natural light has been found to be relaxing, it also tops up your vitamin D, so open those curtains and raise the blinds for you daily dose of sunshine. Avoid glare in your home (harsh lighting hitting off smooth/glossy furnishings creates this) which can produce stress. Opt for warm soft lighting, ideal for relaxing. A cool white light is recommended for focus if you also happen to work from home.

Reflection - Consider what you are grateful for. Some find it helpful to start a journal or write lists of all they are thankful for. Experiment and have it as a routine before bed for a week.

Make chores enjoyable - Play your favourite album or reward yourself afterwards - delayed gratification is a great motivator. Having a quick clean up can also help you refocus.

Sleep - Failing to achieve a regular decent night’s sleep has been proven to lead to depression. All these tips from both blogs can roll into one here to provide the setting for a good night’s sleep. No clutter or work in the bedroom, you must be able to ‘switch off’ from it all and have a boundary line for relaxation and sanctuary. Black out blinds are helpful in assisting your mind to ease off for the night and refresh.

Storage - This is comes naturally to us. Always being able to find what you are looking for as it is easily accessible and displayed well is good for everyone. This takes us back to no clutter. Having no clutter and your belongings organised means you are less likely to buy items you do not need with everything in full view. This leads you to less likely to feeling overwhelmed.