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Earth Day

Earth Day

This time last year saw us blog about Earth Day and what we can do ourselves and make changes in our own routines to keep our planet clean.

This sadly remains a very serious subject that we all need to be discussing. We all need reminding of what we can do and who we can support on our way to being a healthier world.

Here are just some ways you can help by being more green within your own home:

Grow your own food. Supermarkets continue to sell fruit, vegetables and herbs in plastic packaging and not all of it can be recycled. Reduce your waste by growing your own fresh crops in your garden or window ledge.

Recycle. Many of us have become accustomed to using our recycling bins but are you familiar with recycling labels on products? There may be many items you are still sending to landfill that can, in fact, be recycled. Large recycling glass and clothing bins are also commonplace by supermarkets and retail parks. Be sure to check them out.

Do not put clothing, textiles, broken appliances or furniture in landfill. These can all still be recycled despite their condition - familiarise yourself with the recycling stations at your local supermarket, retail park or recycling centre.

Purchase fair trade products. Not only are the suppliers receiving honest prices for their labour and products, but they are grown and produced sustainably.

Here at Universal Interiors, we continue to do our part in preservation. Did you know that we only source our timber through sustainable and reputable suppliers? This applies to both our UK and abroad distributers. Deforestation is a startling reality for our world; 80% of our plants and animals reside in forests and cannot live without these habitats. Deforestation also has an impact on climate change therefore it is vital we all play our part in caring for our environment.

Therefore you can buy in confidence at Universal Interiors that your home will include timber that is responsibly sourced with the aim to continue to care for our planet and its inhabitants.