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Improve Your Sense of Wellbeing

by Universal Interiors

Improve Your Sense of Wellbeing

Our home is a reflection of us. We can learn a lot about someone by observing their environment. Taste, style and interests bloom within the walls of our home. When considering this, we should therefore ensure that our home is a happy and healthy setting that we will thrive in. This month recognised World Mental Health day so we are providing tips for you to improve the overall sense of well-being in your home.

Mess leads to stress - Many of us are familiar with the phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ which does ring true. Clutter, beyond the desk and into your home in general, has proven to cause anxiety. When we own more clutter we also have more to clean; we are stressed further in a messy home that is also unclean. So make that bed, have a clear out and dust the shelves.

A place to call your own - You lead a happier life when you are surrounded by happy memories. Photographs that remind you of milestones, past achievements, holidays and loved ones can truly set the tone of a room. Having meaningful objects displayed neatly around your home such as medals, awards and items of sentimental value can give you the feel good boost that you need.

Socialising - Life is all about balance, we need our alone time to rejuvenate but we also need to mix and meet with others. Provide quality items in your home that cater for socialising: bbq, pool table, comfortable sofas and chairs, fire pit or board games.

Nature - Having some flora in the home has proven to relive stress. Plants produce oxygen which creates healthier breathing conditions. Not much of a green thumb? Spider plants are ideal for beginners. These are hardy plants which easily produce more ‘spiderlings’ to add to your home. They are safe around most pets too.

Sanctuary - During the hustle and bustle of the fast paced home, you may find your body and mind crying out for some peace. Have one room or at least a corner that can be your sanctuary. A bathroom with incense, bubblebath or candles, a cosy nook with a throw and a book; a place to recharge from the world - and even from those who you live with.

Above is an example from our Tuscany range in beech which features a charming window seat, perfect for sitting back on and getting lost in a book.