Organised & Beautiful
Working Spaces

So many more people are now working from home and need a dedicated area where they can have all their office equipment and files within easy reach. The home office is no longer just somewhere to store the desk and filing cabinet, tucked away out of site, but is now an additional room or area which can add value to your home and co-ordinate perfectly with the other rooms.

A home office can also be a boon to the students or schoolchildren in the family, giving them an environment free from distractions where they can concentrate on their studies.

Working in the right environment can make such a difference to your working day. A comfortable, organised workspace will not only make you feel more relaxed and less tired at the end of the day but will also allow you to work more efficiently.

Made To Measure Offices

Whether you have a separate room or only a dedicated space in your home, it is often the case, even in modern homes that there are awkward corners or sloping ceilings.

Universal Interiors specialise in fitting your home office to the space available, ensuring that you have a perfect fitted office with maximum storage space.


Our Home Offices

Universal Interiors pride themselves in their product quality and excellent customer service.

We insist on using only top quality materials and will fit your home office with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you will have room which will look spectacular for years to come.